It’s good to talk

It kind of makes sense that in the line of work I do that I like to talk. I mean sure, I like to be heard, but I enjoy the whole talking thing. How people talk, the dynamics of a conversation, the ebb and flow, the words used, the language to describe things, the hesitations, the rise in energy, the laughing, the connections, it’s all so rich and full of a lovely dance at play.

A while ago, I recall two practitioners opening up their time to talking, and I remember appreciating just how excellent an idea that was to do. Jon Bartlett did it where he met people for a coffee, and Joe Gerstandt did it with a day of Skype calls.

I’d like to do something similar.

On Wednesday 17 February, I’m going to be (hopefully) spending the day having some pretty cool chats with people. I’m thinking about 15 mins is a good length of time to talk. I’m allowing for half an hour in case we really get into a good chat.

If you’re interested in having a chat, sign up here on this Doodle link. I’ll get in touch to ask about how you want to chat and the rest is easy.

You won’t be sold to because I’m not selling. It’ll be fab to connect and talk.

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