Hearts, sleeves and openness

Those who know me and how I work know that I’m open about most things. I’m honest almost to a fault. I believe that in being open and honest it allows people to know me and who I am. I can shout about what I do, yet I find it more useful to share what I do and talk about what I learn. Life is full of twists and turns and unknowns. How things unfold, and where opportunities come from, no-one knows.

I’m about to start exploring what it means to be an independent consultant. I’ve still got a regular role I’m fulfilling, and with open discussions with my Director, I’m dedicating one day a week to help me explore what this new world looks like.

I don’t do the selling thing. I do the conversations thing. That’s why on Wednesday 17 February I’m having a day of conversations. Check out the Doodle link to see if you’ve got 15 mins to have a chat with me. The best conversations are just that, conversations. Agendas are for meetings, not for connections.

I’m already exploring different conversations with different people. That’s a lot of fun, and helps me to know that as saturated as the L&D supplier market can feel, there is still room to play.

This website is a window into what I do, and hopefully a sense of how I do things. I’ll keep blogging here, on my regular blog, on LinkedIn and on Medium. They’re all there for different purposes, and it’s interesting to explore how I explore using my voice in these difference places.

I’m always open to feedback. What do you think I’m missing? What do you think I’ve got right? What do you think I need to know that I seem to be ignorant about? Let me know your thoughts on here or on Twitter.

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