What does modern learning design look like?

As some of you may know, I’m running an open programme called Modern Learning Leader. As the title suggests, it’s a programme designed to help L&D leaders understand the landscape of learning design better to enable them to be better and more credible L&D leaders for their organisations / clients. As part of my process … More What does modern learning design look like?

Modern Learning Leader webinar series

As part of the Modern Learning Leader programme, I’m hosting a series of webinars which are designed to introduce topics and provide breadth and stretch to what L&D leaders know in these areas. The topics are: The Human Condition Instructional Design User Experience Adult Learning Theories Social Learning Technologies Each webinar is £30, and you … More Modern Learning Leader webinar series

What does wellbeing at work mean to you?

I read an interesting piece from Stephanie Davies recently on her Laughology blog where she makes the case for measuring happiness at work over measuring productivity. It’s quite hard to suggest that productivity shouldn’t be measured. As Stephanie says, and I agree, productivity is only one measure of the success of a company – it’s … More What does wellbeing at work mean to you?

Working Together

I mean it’s all fine having a website that informs people about what your business is about, but unless people are finding the site, then you may as well put a poster on a lamppost and hope for the best. So I’ve decided I’m going to just write a post which outlines what work you … More Working Together