Positive Psychology

Be your best self and improve your wellbeing.

Sukh cares about people being able to be their best. Over the last ten years he has been a student of positive psychology and learning more about how to support people’s resilience, building strengths, and how to apply these insights to personal development, organisational development and team development settings. Positive psychology is about helping people to live vibrantly, and applied to organisational settings its about strengthening the resilience of people.

Check out this Prezi on Positive Psychology Essentials.

Sukh delivers workshops and talks on the topic regularly. He enjoys the way people start to develop their understanding of this field of study and how they can apply it in their personal settings. He sees that people start to recognise their own frontiers and what they can do to start making changes which will improve their wellbeing and resilience.

The strength of Sukh’s work comes from the art of his facilitation and delivery of the subject. He understands how to make the topic accessible and enjoyable to learn about. He provides insights which are based in evidence and help people find a way through the challenges they are facing. His style of facilitation is one of the strongest you are likely to experience and he openly shares how he achieves this in his sessions.

Organisationally, Sukh provides consultancy on how to apply positive psychology methodologies and theories to improve factors such as:
– employee engagement
– internal communications
– team development
– management and leadership programmes

One of the current challenges most organisations face is how to improve productivity while not burning out the people doing the work. This is why positive psychology can help in these settings. Using carefully crafted methodologies, Sukh works with teams to help them understand how to share knowledge with one another, build trust, and develop resilience as individuals and as team members so their collective performance is improved.

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