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Great to meet you.

How do you know what learning and development strategy to follow through with? What models and theories are useful for personal development? How can you innovate and what does innovation mean to you? How are you using different social technologies and personal technologies to improve the learning solutions you are providing? How can positive psychology help you build resilience in individuals and in teams? How can positive psychology be used to inform thinking on organisational development initiatives?

Here’s Sukh giving an overview of the company.

Sukh established Challenging Frontiers because he believes strongly in enabling people to be their best. We face all manners of challenges and for each of us, our frontiers are unique. His strengths lie in designing and facilitation of great L&D and OD solutions, emotional intelligence and positive psychology. Sukh works collaboratively with you to achieve solutions that are creative and atypical. He is a specialist in finding ways to challenge those frontiers to help your organisation be the best it can be. He does this through:

– Developing great learning and development interventions
– Creating bespoke organisational development solutions
– Workshops about positive psychology and its practical application to organisational settings
– Personal coaching with positive psychology to strengthen personal resilience

Achieving the above is all reliant on the will to give things a go. Are you an organisation or an individual who wants to push your own frontiers? Do you recognise your frontiers? Are there frontiers out there which need exploring? Sukh’s focused on helping you to achieve your goals, create challenge which is useful and positive while at the same time providing you with the tools to do it yourself.

His core philosophy is simple. He’s a learning and development and personal development leader who collaborates to achieve positive, innovative and better results.

If this sounds like the change you’re looking for, get in touch.

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